Once upon a time, there was a video game generation of portable consoles... Three main machines entered the market: The Atari Lynx, the Nintendo Game Boy and the Sega Game Gear. In the beginning, each of those consoles sold out more or less well, but then people specialized in graphically high-powered next generation 16, 32, or 64 bit machines... and the only survivor was the Game Boy.
Game Gear
The Game Gear, however, was the technically best hand-held among its competition. Although it never sold out as much as the Game Boy. Today, people hardly remember these times, although some of those glorious days are surely worth being kept in mind. Enter: the Game Gear Nostalgia Corner! This little place is one of the very very few sites on the net where the Sega Game Gear is still loved and praised by everyone. It provides you with a very expensive database of information, pictures and reviews. This place is quite unique on the net, so... join us on our journey back to hand-held gaming times! 
General info on the Game Gear, its hardware and software:
What is the Game Gear? 
A lot of additional hardware is available for the Game Gear:
What Game Gear accessoires are there? 
Info for the freaks out there, including stuff on different cases and packaging layouts:
Game Gear marketing design 
Last but not least, one of the most extensive game review databases you'll ever find:
Game Gear Ratings And Reviews

And this page wouldn't be complete without some selected links (legal disclaimer: I can't vouch for their content or functionality):
Rob's Game Gear Site

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