survives... This site was originally a hapless folly built with CompuServe's Home Page Wizard and unleashed on their OurWorld hosting service in early 1996. It's been sitting serenely at the web's sidelines as the latter transfigured into new and different things. Most sections from mnmol's ascendancy in the old millenium dozed off into oblivion peacefully or were gently put to rest, but, for better or worse, the following are still here in their crystalline web 1.0 permanence, touting outdated content via questionable design:

MIDIs for Ears

most active 1997-2002, occasional additions afterwards
MIDI... that's a transport protocol for musical events, right? True that, but also bear in mind that in an age before music's digital ubiquity, MIDI synthesis was an exciting new frontier where enthusiasts could sequence, share and listen to otherwise out-of-reach pieces.

Tele 5 Cartoons

[German only] most active 1997-2000, occasional additions afterwards
Begeben wir uns zurück in die Zeit um den Dekadenwechsel 1990, als ein Spartensender mit seinem Zeichentrickprogramm die Begeisterung seiner Zielgruppe alles andere als verfehlte.

Game Gear Nostalgia Corner

created 1997
If it weren't the winners who get to write history, then Sega's Game Gear would be enshrined as the pivotal handheld gaming device from the 1990s. Burning through six AA batteries in an hour has never felt nearly as gratifying since.

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