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Very Bad


Sound - Sound stands for music and sound effects. This rating is based on the quality (or, worst, annoyance) of all sounds and music tracks and the general variation (or monotony) which their repertoire results in.
Graphic - Graphic Graphic refers to the quality of animation of moving particles (characters, objects) immobile parts (backgrounds) and written components. For example, the font used must be readable, character movements should be evident to the player, and everything shouldn't be to colorless and repetitive.
Playability - Playability Playability rates if you can control your character well, if following the game is manageable (e.g. the use of collected items or the development of a storyline), if it's any likely to be won (based on my expert gaming experience ;-)) and if you have enough lives and/or continues to get through.
Type - Type shows the type of the game, for instance Jump 'N' Run, Fighting or Strategy (pretty simple, indeed).
Specials - Specials displays any specials the game might have to offer, for example Password, 2 Player Mode or Battery Backup (also quite simple).
Developer - Developer shows the company/companies which developed the game (simple again), but I can't guarantee that it's always correct.
ALTOGETHER - ALTOGETHER stands for the long-term fun you'll have with your game in the end.

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