What Game Gear accessoires are there?

For ultimate fun with the Game Gear, you need at least the most important of the accessoires. Here they all go. Have fun.

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The Gear-To-Gear Cable
The TV Tuner
The AV Cable
The Car Adaptor
The AC Adaptor
The Battery Pack
The Super Wide Gear (AKA Big Window II)
The Master Gear Converter
The Game Genie
The Deluxe Carrying Case

The Gear-To-Gear Cable:

Gear-To-Gear CableRating: Essential

With this cable, you can play 2 player games on the Game Gear with a friend. You need two Game Gears (yours and that of your friend) and each of you needs the game. You simply plug the cable into your two GGs (to connect them), select the required stuff in the game (like, "Vs. Mode" or "2 Player Mode") and there you go - 2 player action on the Game Gear (I know, actually this system is quite logical, but I thought I'd describe it anyway). The GG games that support linked GG 2 player playing have a little sign like "VS" or "2 Player" on the back where normally it only reads "1 Player Only". 2 player games are usually a lot of fun and much more entertaining than playing alone, some games that support this mode are Columns, G-Loc, Mortal Kombat, Fatal Fury Special, and more. There are not so many games for 2 players, but those that are are great played with a friend.

The TV Tuner:

TV TunerRating: Very cool, but not neccessary

As the name suggests, this transforms your Game Gear into a portable mini TV set. Just put it in the Game Gear like an ordinary game cartridge and there you go! The picture you get is very good if you adjust the antenna accordingly, and although the resolution isn't quite as high as that of a normal TV, you can get along well with this, say, on holidays etc.. The sound is surprisingly good and doesn't lack the standard quality of a normal single-speaker TV set. There is an inlet for the Game Gear AV Cable (described further down there), which allows you to plug in a camcorder, VCR etc. and view your stuff on the GG! There is also a version of the TV tuner that includes an inlet for an antenna cable, i. e. you can plug your house's, car's etc. antenna into it as well, however my TV Tuner doesn't have that feature, I think it differs from country to country. Of course you cannot view cable TV with this, you can only see the channels you otherwise also get by adjusting you antenna to them; my TV Tuner has two options there, the UHF and VHF band, but don't ask me if that's the same everywhere. A little funny but also useful thing that also comes with this is a little stand which you can attach to the two little long narrow holes on the GG's back (Yes, that's what they're for!) so you can just put you lil' TV somewhere and it will really stand rather than just lie there.

The AV Cable:

AV CableRating: Useful under certain circumstances
You can use this cable in order to view stuff from you camcorder, VCR etc. on the Game Gear with the TV Tuner (described further up there). You just connect the device on which you play the video etc. to the TV Tuner and there you go! So, for example on holidays when you don't have an appropriate VCR or TV in reach, you can view your video tapes straight away!

The Car Adaptor:

Car AdaptorRating: Brilliant and power-saving

It'a pretty clear isn't it? You're in a car on a long drive somewhere and you have your Game Gear with you. And a couple of very cool games. You could now turn it on, play a bit and in the end be very upset when you've advanced very far in the game and your batteries are just appearing to turn empty in the next few seconds. But, hey, why all this trouble? You have the Car Adaptor! Just plug it into the car's cigarrette lighter and you'll have a pretty much unlimited power supply. Just don't play for too long when the engine's off because that, well, could suck out the car battery to an unpleasant level...

The AC Adaptor:

AC AdaptorRating: Essential
What do I need to say? Unlimited power wherever you can get a power plug... for example at home! Save tons of batteries!

The Battery Pack:

Battery PackRating: You don't need it, but it's good

Now, we all know that batteries will always get used up pretty fast on the GG. So, if you don't have a chance to use the AC or Car Adaptor (or you don't have them) and you don't have enough batteries, you can use this. It supplies your Game Gear with power, and when it's emptied... plug it into to a power plug, leave it to recharge and use it again! But there's one thing... you need to carry it too if you want to use it - and that's a little inconvenient... but it's a good alternative to using rechargeable batteries since it's easier to recharge and change after recharging.

The Super Wide Gear (AKA Big Window II):

Super Wide Gear (AKA Big Window II)Rating: Can be improving

This is a magnifying glass for the GG. When you attach it to the GG, the image will be quite a bit bigger, so the visuality is increased and the image becomes a bit smoother than normally (the screen's pixel grid is smoothened away). Sometimes this might increase the overall playing fun, but it makes the GG a lot more unhandy and takes quite a lot of space compared to the other accessoires when you carry it (And won't fit into the normal carrying cases). And, to attach it to the Gear newly each time you want to play just to see things a little better might be like too much trouble for too less improvement. By the way, I think it's normally called Super Wide Gear and is named Big Window II in Japan only, or was named that way before they changed the name, I don't know exactly.

The Master Gear Converter:

Master Gear ConverterRating: Works good, can be useful...

There isn't just the official Sega Master Gear Converter but there are also a couple of third-party products like the one on the picture, being the Gear Master by Beeshu. All the converters there are don't differ much in quality, I guess it doesn't matter whether you have the original or not. When you put this into your Game Gear (like a game cartridge), you can play all Master System / Master System II games on the GG by putting them into the converter. That of course more than doubles the variety of games, but... the Master System's hardware is not as good as the Game Gear's, for example the MS games only have a total of 64 colors! But if there's a good game on the MS that isn't available for the GG, why not? Well, it is rumored that MS games run slower on the converter than in use with the MS / MS II where the TV standard is PAL, for example in Europe. Personally, I have it all from Europe and the performance is good, but I don't say I didn't warn you, just in case... And not really all MS games run on this... or have you ever seen a light phaser for the GG anywhere?!? The MS games that support light phaser use won't run on the GG since it doesn't have a light phaser, in other words. So, watch out when you buy games. If you can find any at all... the MS rest stock is more or less sold out nearly everywhere, so you better be fast!

The Game Genie:

Game GenieRating: Essential for any more dedicated GG gamer

This nice lil' device isn't made by Sega, but by Galoob. I guess you already know what it's all about: The Game Genie allows you to cheat. Yes, cheat. Cheat practically unlimited in most games, no matter if you want infinite lives, ammo, start in a higher stage, invincibilty... countless cheats are there, and those you get of course depend on the game you want to cheat. You just put it in you GG (like a game cartridge), put the game you want to play and cheat now into the Game Genie, push the little button to activate the program, enter the code for the cheat you want (there are three lines with 3x3 spaces each; in these lines you enter the characters of the code (valid characters are numbers 0-9 and A-F) which can be from one to all three lines long; the minimal lenght is 6 characters), push start, and that's it, the game is now under heavy cheating attack by the Game Genie. I. e., the game's procedures you're afflicting with the code you entered now don't run as usual but in the way the cheat promised you to do it. At anytime in the game where you want to change the code (maybe because it seems that you've entered it wrongly) or enter a new one, you can push the main button again and do the respective changes. However, whenever you push that button, the game is reset, i. e. after you leave the Game Genie program again, you have to start over again (it's as if the GG had been switched off and turned on again). When the game is now cheated in the desired way, you can also push the little code on/off button at the back of the Genie to, obviously, switch the codes you entered on or off, i. e. play the game in cheated or normal mode (a little LED light indicates whether a cheat is active or not). That way, you can play some parts of the game as usual and some (like the harder ones) cheating! Mean methods, I know, but the effect in the end can be astonoshingly brilliant!

The Deluxe Carrying Case:

Deluxe Carrying CaseRating: good for carrying the GG (You guessed it!)

You can put the GG, 8 games (plus the one currently in the GG), the Car Adaptor, one set of batteries, all your lists of passwords etc. and a little pencil into this case... that's what I figured out. You can also leave 3 of the 8 games at home and rather take the AC Adaptor with you, or the Master Gear Converter with a game inside... there are many possibilities! In other words, the Deluxe Carrying Case is good. You can always take enough entertainment with you anywhere if you have this case. And, it's got a strap attached to it so you can wear it over your shoulder, and, it's made of water proof fabric! Opening it, you'll get a vast hole divided into two parts: One for the GG and on for the games etc.. There's even an elastic strap inside so the games (two units of 4) and batteries (between the two units) won't fall out easily. and then there's a little zipper at the back of the case, providing protection for an additional little compartment carrying sheets of paper with passwords etc. on it, and the pencil! There's just this one thing... on the back of the box in which it's sold, they claim that a book fits inside. Nope! But anyway, get this, the GG's primary use is to play it at places where you can't use normal consoles, and you need something good to carry it to these places don't you?

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