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I've also done this or that on the web, so bear with me while I introduce some "references"...

Websites for others

I'm far from being a system architect or multi-language programmer, but when the stars are aligned, I sometimes manage to do some coding and design. If you'd like, have a look at these examples:

My own websites

On and off, I've been creating websites since the mid-1990s when loading images took minutes and "media" other than text were mostly too large to handle at all. Of course, publishing your stuff is now much easier and blogs, social media profiles and the like are often most convenient. Yet, as you are indeed reading this, you seem rather curious to me, so why don't you pop over to my old "hub" homepage mnmol, now salvaged as a subsection of this website? Among other useless bits of information presented via outdated visuals, this includes a page about erstwhile German TV station Tele 5 that still seems to draw in some fans.

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